What to pack for a Staycation ?

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Up until 3 months ago, if you would have asked me what I thought about staycations, I would have said ‘not for me’. Now post lockdown we still can’t travel like we were used to do – vacation at home allows us to experience our home country from a different point of view.

Wondering what to pack for your next nearby getaway ? Don’t know what to wear on vacation ?

Pack your bag with these summer vacay essentials and get your ‘you-time’ on!

10 TIPS for a packing checklist to relaxation :

  1. Choose light & bright colors like white, yellow and blues for Summer holidays
  2. Pack Summer styles in linen, tencel cotton or viscose
  3. Wear comfortable styles for traveling, like a jumpsuit, denim pants or flaired pants
  4. Don’t forget to pack a scarf, easy for colder moment while traveling (airco) – chiller moments at eve or even use it as a pareo at the beach/pool
  5. Check the weather forecast on the location just a few days before
  6. Roll up your clothes instead of folding (more space and less creased)
  7. 15 styles for 1 week of endless mix & match : 5 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 one pieces like a dress/jumpsuit, 3 pairs of shoes , 2 bags, 1 piece of accessories (hat, scarf, sunglasses, necklace,…)
  8. All styles need to be in the same color theme so it makes it even more easier to combine
  9. Customize your outfits from am to pm by adding the right pair of shoes, accessories
  10. Pack your accessories & shoes in separate pochettes – place your underwear/bikini in the hat to save place


Jumpsuit @Mayerline

Beachbag @Mayerline

Maxi dress in boho print : wear it at the beach/pool as a coverup  – with sneakers or with sandals for a city stroll or dinner out



Linen yellow dress @Mayerline 




Dress up video with 15 styles @mayerline #daretofeelperfect

Coming soon !



Pictures @josephine photography

Location @Svilla turnhout


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