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As a Belgian Fashion stylist & influencer I want to support the Belgian Fashion industry, now more than ever.

After almost 2 months in lockdown, Fashion brands were finally able to reopen their own stores as well multi-brand boutiques. Sales are picking up slowly and moving in the right direction. But every support and visibility is necessary to evaluate this season as ‘positive’.

“Special times often create special opportunities. Both during the compulsory closure and after the reopening of the fashion sector, we see that the call to buy locally and Belgian is becoming louder, ”says Wendy Luyckx, communication manager at Creamoda.

CREAMODA is the Belgian fashion federation that represents fashion brands and clothing producers and is organizing from 8 till 14th of June the #Ikkoopbelgisch Insta Story Week. In this way, the federation highlights some 50 Belgian fashion brands, through the social media channels of 29 influencers, in a period where #ikkoopbelgisch and #supportyourlocal is more relevant than ever. 

During this #ikkoopbelgisch (Ibuybelgian) Insta story week I will share my favorite Belgian looks on both of my social media platforms: Instagram @sophisticatedbox & Facebook @Sophisticatedbox by Sophie                                           (also my husband will join me and share ‘styled in Belgium’ men’s wear).

Discover here below my favorite Belgian looks/labels for SS2020 (in alphabetical order).

Enjoy and be inspired by our National Fashion designs !

#Ikkoopbelgisch Insta Story Week @Creamoda #weekvandebelgischemode



Caroline biss offers the modern, self-confident woman elegant and classy women’s fashions with glamorous style.

Perfectly fitting ready-to-wear collections that combine stylish simplicity, subtle colours and new materials – resulting in a contemporary yet timeless collection.

Comfortable designs for every day of the week, weekend sporting outfits with just that little bit more, fashion dresses for a night out and sparkling party wear.

Fitted tricot dress in pastel tones – denim jacket @Carolinebis



Focus on fashionable women

Looking good is important both at work and at home. That’s why the collections range from casual tops and trousers in your free time to classy outfits for work. Comme ça perfectly matches the current trends, but still retains its own style: feminine silhouettes, stylish prints and beautiful colors. Comme ça stands for budget-friendly prices, quality and sustainability. The Belgian label provides looks that radiate elegance, class and feel wonderful.
“Every piece contains enthusiasm and passion, and we like to give you that feeling.”

Denim blue viscose Skirt & Top @Commeca



Making woman feel lucky, femininity at its best

A women’s collections for a woman who is confident and cheerful in life and who is absolutely not afraid to show that to the outside world. Designed in Belgium, made in Italy. Not modest clothing, but not lavish either. Due Amanti went for the golden mean; just right. Class doesn’t have to be boring; we prefer sparkling stylish.

Maxi skirt – top and knit @DueAmanti



A fashion brand with a decidedly feminine signature.

The collections, known for colour, print and sophisticated details, include ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. When designing the ever contemporary-chic collections, Gigue designer Audrey Wyckmans (daughter of the founder Jo Wyckmans) is inspired by her respect for a form of casual style, interior design, travel and art.

For about 25 years now, Gigue has remained true to its identity. Gigue has always devoted considerable attention to its image. The fact that everything can be combined each season is because they stay true to their looks : they exude spontaneous elegance and feel fabulous.

Tropical printed jumpsuit & knit @Gigue


JAGGS is THE Belgian expert of tailored men shirts and suits.  They have the most exquisite collection of bow ties!

Their mission : dressing men with a modern flair!

Two Jaggs stores : one in Waterloo near Brussels and one in Namur



Fragile confidence, girlish wisdom and mature playfulness.

It’s a homage to romance, a reverence to sensuality. It won’t allow the moment to be forgotten, just as it won’t permit a woman to be anything less than gracefully bold.

It allows the sensual alter ego in each of us to come out and play. It strips sexuality of all its clichés and pares it down to the very bare essentials of what a woman is like in her dreams. A ballerina on a squeaky floorboard. The glow of a candle. An intimate desire wanting to be shared. Hidden pockets and secret messages.

Sala dress in scarf print @justincase



We strive to make you look good by doing good

Every piece is 100% fair and handmade from the softest natural materials. While knitting, more than 300 Peruvian ladies and their families earn a steady income.

For over 10 years, 33-year-old Ellen Kegels has been aiming for (more) honest fashion with her knitting brand LN Knits. As a crocheting pioneer, Ellen was trendy even before the actual handicraft hype took off in Belgium. Slowly but steady, she worked on her slow fashion story.

Big Bertha scarf soft skin Summer blend @Lnknits



Proud ladies in mind  #proudtowearmariemero

Marie Méro dresses every woman, across generations, and loves to let her shine. Mothers, daughters and friends inspire each other every day, bringing out the best in themselves.

Marie Méro is the own fashion label of J. Van der Elst SA, a family business active in the fashion sector since 1971. A team of about fifty colleagues is involved in the realization. From design to sale: everything is done in-house and is led by the second generation, brothers Steven and Ruben Van der Elst.

Marie Méro wants to fully focus on customer experience and become a lifetime value brand.

Red embroidered dress @MarieMero


Designs comfortable fashion collections for elegant women with a heart for living to the fullest. They create the perfect cut for the contemporary, style-conscious woman that wants to shine at any time of the day.

Mayerline makes timeless pieces that bring out the best in every woman. The designs are colorfull, never extravagant, always stylish bringing out subtle beauty and class.

Quality, beauty and style are in the details. This way the styles provide magic, and a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’​. Mayerline – #DARETOFEELPERFECT

Pleated floral skirt & knit @Mayerline



Knitted dress – store locator on  @PTC fashion



Modern,elegant and sophisticated style.

It is ladies prêt-a-porter that combines rich, subtle colors and new materials in a very contemporary and timeless collection. SENSO is the second brand of ATMOS fashion. It’s also very feminine and for occasion but a little more sporty with more casual influence.

Both collections are bringing complete outfits for an evening out and festive clothing but also for every weekday.



“The two women complete each other perfectly and form a match made in wardrobe heaven.”

Thelma & Louise was founded more than ten years ago and quickly became an established name in the Belgian mid-segment fashion market. Since September 2017, Liza and Marie – two young, ambitious and entrepreneurial women – became the new CEOs of the brand. Our vision, rooted in the successful history of the brand, reconciles the modern and the classic, the trendy and the timeless, the Thelma and the Louise. Thelma & Louise designs fashion for all types of women – each of them unique ( yes you are! ), but still complementary to each other ( like we are! ).

Odina skirt & knit Bieke Illegems @ThelmaLouise



Belgium’s premium shirt brand for men & women

The history of Themas Bradley dates back to 1955 when the founder of the company started a small workshop for shirts in belgium. Since the start of the production quality has always been the driving force of the brand. Making a shirt that offers the highest satisfaction level to the customer is settled deep in the DNA of the company.

Men’s & woman shirt @Thomasbradley



For VESTimentary seekers of added value

Belgian knitwear label by Veerle Stubbe, is a prime example of what happens when sustainability and creativity converge. Her hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories are statement pieces to enjoy for many seasons on end. VEST brings the concept of luxury back to the essentials.

The clicking of knitting needles is one of the earliest memories that Veerle cherishes of her mother and grandmother. A sound that always filled her with a sense of tranquillity, it still makes her feel very ‘zen’ despite the immense list of orders. VEST has fans all over the globe, from Belgium to Japan. The Belgian knitwear label owes its success to a combination of authentic hand-crafted products, executed in the right colors with deluxe yarns and featuring easy-going models that tie in perfectly with today’s Zeitgeist.

Handmade Arlette Sweater -orange or mint green  @VEST


A compilation video of all the Belgian looks :


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