Good vibes season is on !

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It’s the season for all – singing, all-dancing colors and prints to seriously uplift your mood for SS2023. Say farewell to monochromatic minimalism!

In 2023, anything is possible. This year is all about reflecting on the past and seeing how we can improve moving forward.

Perhaps it sounds glib to say, but let’s be frank ; January was grim. So what can we do to put a spring back into our step? 

Embrace the zingy joy a spectacularly patterned piece of clothing can bring.  It’s even thought that wearing vibrant clothing spreads happiness, so you are doing your bit for everyone else too.

Reach for whatever puts a big smile on your face on a dreary day!


My definitive round-up of the season’s biggest catwalk trends for Spring ’23 :



If you ask me which is the new color of the season than my answer is : ALL !

It’s as if a color bomb exploded on the catwalk of 2023.

Choosing for a happy mix & match of hues instantly brightens our moods. Let the color blocking begin!

Blue – Green – Violet and Pink hues are the official colors of the season, and they comes in many forms.  The must way to wear and combine them this season is either in color block or analogously.


STRIPES are forever

Stripes are one of those patterns that never go out of style. Be it a sweater, a t-shirt or even pants and scarves. When there are stripes involved, your outfit automatically looks better.

Stripes are to Summer what knitwear is to winter. This season sees them bigger, brighter and more in your face than before.

Who doesn’t own a couple of striped sweaters? Be it, men or women, both will definitely have at least one striped sweater in their closet. The greatest thing about striped sweaters is that they are forever – they never go out of fashion. So, this Spring pull out those striped knits and dresses to put together some fantastic outfits.

You don’t have to wear similar colors all the time; instead, you can experiment with your Spring look and opt for an analogue color mix, like this knit dress in orange and pink.  This is ideal for outings as it gives a very refreshing look to your persona.

Stripes jumper & bag @Gracefashion                                  Knit dress @Mayerline   


Cocktail of POWER PRINTS

Combine funky flowers with sturdy stripes with psychedelic swirls. Result? A vintage vibe with futuristic feel. Mix and (mis)match, yes please.

Dressing colorfully will have a positive effect on yourself and on the people around you. And please, don’t be scared to choose patterns and color block with different hues.


Power print suit @Mayerline                                                 Dress @Liviana Conti



Luxury is making a comeback. But this time around it’s paired with functionality, both when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Flaired light fabric palazzo pants paired with the same top create the jumpsuit look and is perfect to elongate your silhouette.

The PJ,’s co-ord dressing is king on streetstyle’s catwalk.  Whether you wear vibrant prints or classic neutrals, coming season’s look are effortless chic, laid black and elegant.

A true winner, that you can restyle from day to night from off to on duty!

Bold set @Mayerline                                                                      Soft set @Gracefashion



Seen in soothing neutrals and sophisticated silhouettes, broderie, lace and crochet is the stealth romantic trend to know.  After being spotted on the high-fashion runways, it’s a good sign this crafty trend is here to stay. 

From sweaters and crop tops to skirts and dresses, there are plenty of chic options for handmade crochet to transparant lace details.  In 2023, naked dressing makes its’ ways from the red carpet, sheer clothing details like see through tulle sleeves and skirts is coming not only for your weekend wardrobe but even workwear.


Look 1 @Mayerline                                                            Crochet jumper @Gracefashion



Trouser suits are huge for 2023.

I don’t know what it is, but when I wear a suit I just feel like I have my life together. I feel like a confident girl boss. I feel like I can do anything. I also love that I don’t have to think too much about an outfit as a whole.

You have three ways you can wear a suit. Casual for daytime smart and elegant or as evening formal wear.

I can totally understand if you want to opt out of this trend because you feel like it’s ‘boring workwear’. However, you could try a more relaxed approach to a trouser suit, or choose a colour you wouldn’t dare wear in the boardroom. And this is the way tot do it anno 2023, go for bold not old !

If you want to dress down a trouser suit, it’s easy! Team with a a pair of sneakers and a slogan tee. 

Both suits @mayerline

Florals come in bolder prints, suiting is hyper bright and the co-ord is king. 

Enjoy the new summer style cocktail !

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Pictures @Marlowphoto @ValeriyaMaltsava @Patricia DeLey


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