Autumn shopping days !

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Welcome to Kortrijk !

The Fashion mecca of West Flanders. Shopping is fun everywhere in the city centre, but even more so in the modern K shopping centre in Kortrijk. Together with fashion bloggers Inge Moerenhout and Sophie Van de Vyver we go treasure hunting in the shop windows.

Just a stone’s throw away from Steenpoort – the hotspot for the shopping Kortrijk-Zaan – you will find K in Kortrijk: the indoor shopping center in the city center. Between the attractive shop windows you can waltz from designer brands to affordable fashion and everything in between. The ideal place to hang out with fashionistas Inge Moerenhout (54) and Sophie Van de Vyver (55). The former runs a company in fragrance marketing with her husband and is creating a furore as a travel and fashion blogger. The latter can often be found in stores and boutiques, as a blogger and as a stylist (@sophisticatedbox).

Shopping is first and foremost part of my job – both with, and for customers. I am passionate about looking for new trends and I like to be inspired by shop windows and collections. In addition, it remains pure relaxation.

I would recommend everyone to stop by Mayerline – a Belgian brand. I knew it from way back through my grandmother, but rediscovered it two years ago and now buy from it myself. The brand is rejuvenating, is colorful and has perfect workmanship and fit. You pay a little more there, but it’s well worth it. I like to combine more expensive pieces with cheaper clothes or accessories from, say, H&M. If you puzzle well, those affordable items instantly look much more chic.  @Mayerline


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For me shopping is just fun, I could do it every day. Walking around quietly, searching among the collections, getting inspiration … It’s the ideal place to clear your head. Some people read books, I shop !

@canvas multibrandstore in K Kortrijk



Prepare your Autumn closet after a fun day of shopping at K in Kortrijk. You will find so much more than clothes and can perfectly combine it with a stroll through the city center. Whether you come by car, train or bus: K in Kortrijk is the perfect place for a day of enjoying the beautiful window displays. Discover more at

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